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Since our opening in 1997, we have seen… 

21 St. Patricks Days, 17 MAC Basketball Tournaments, 2 NCAA Basketball Tournaments, 2 World Series, 1 MLB All Star Week, 3 NBA Finals, The Flats fold, The Flat come back, Marine Week, The Gay Games, The Senior Games, The Republican National Convention, 3 marriages, 15 children (not all were conceived on site), 30 STARTING QUARTERBACKS (in Baker we trust), 1 NFL Playoff game (please see previous stat), The Calder Cup, Lebron James: The Draft, The Decision, The Homecoming, The NBA CHAMPIONS!!!

Through the good and the bad… 


Welcome to Flannery's!

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That isn't just a plaque hanging behind our bar, it's truly how we all feel here at Flannery's. Denis Flannery's dream was to create a place in downtown Cleveland where people of all backgrounds, race and religion could come together to talk about the world around them, sports or just their hard day. Denis believed that you start with the guests and the people that take care of them and work backwards. It is truly a home to all that have worked here for the last 21 years, and to all of you - our extended family. Our hope here at Flannery's is that you leave full, quenched and feeling like you belong here as part of the clan.

Here’s to another 20 years of laughter and living like nobody’s watching!

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